ABOUT Ruth Nott

Ruth Nott
I am a native Floridian, but have traveled to many of the United States during my growth as a woman, wife, mother, sister, Christian, quilter, and poet.  Life is too varied, exciting, disappointing, adventurous, tragic, and comical not to write about it.  My poetry reflects my life, my e More...


Poetry is a way of life and life an ever changing, never ending poem.  A poet cannot help but take his pen in hand and record life’s joys and sorrows, while life continues on, blissfully unaware of the need for metrical pattern or imagery, yet creating it on a day to day basis whether in limerick, elegy or sonnet.  It is all there for the taking.

Poetry is a dance with God, close and intimate, or jitterbugging across Eden’s fertile valley. 

Poetry is the wonder and awe of one minute bit of dust in an infinite universe trying to understand it all.

Poetry is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

A Pure and Simple Faith reflects the author’s continuing love of God in a world filled with temptation, disappointment, and heartache. . 

A review by Kye Faithfield, author of "Healing the Rift"

Ruth Y. Nott's first book is what she terms "inspirational poetry", an expression of her own creative inspiration as well as her wish to inspire others through it.  Her poems are, as characterized by the book's title, "pure and simple"—so simple, in fact, that they have an aura of innocence about them, a childlike wonderment at the aspects of life which have touched her own, whether good or bad, happy or sad or tragic.  The verses, essentially informal rhymes, may reflect meaningful periods and events in her life. 

Ms. Nott calls her gentle lyrics "word-dancing with God.  The 66-page work allows her faith and love to shine through while also acknowledging the doubts we all sometimes feel.  In her poetry, Ruth emphasizes that, in a world filled with temptation, disappointment and heartache, God's love and support are still available to us all."