Strings of Color

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By Marian L. Thomas

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ABOUT Marian L. Thomas

Marian L. Thomas
Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois Current Residency: Atlanta, Georgia Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Business Communication   Writer:  Published articles can be found online and in many print publications such as: Black Pearls Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Troy Estefan Magazine, and many more.  More...



What would you do if you were losing the love of your life? Which would you choose, fame & fortune or love & happiness? If your friend tried to destroy you, could you find it in your heart to forgive? Could you lead a man to you? Four Journeys. Four Women. Each will learn that life, can be like captivating strings of color. Which way will they be pulled?

Nothing says emotion, like "Strings of Color". It is a book that tore at my heart strings and left me wondering if I could write another book that touched me as much as this one did.