Color Me Jazzmyne

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By Marian L. Thomas

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ABOUT Marian L. Thomas

Marian L. Thomas
Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois Current Residency: Atlanta, Georgia Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Business Communication   Writer:  Published articles can be found online and in many print publications such as: Black Pearls Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Troy Estefan Magazine, and many more.  More...



Naya Monà is a woman, a jazz singer and a wife. Jonathan is the son, she never got a chance to name. They will meet for the first time in her lavish home. A home he never got a chance to play in. As this dramatic confrontation opens up, Naya is forced to travel back into her painful past, only to explain how at the tender age of thirteen, her father's touch took away her childhood. 

Tears flow down the cheeks of Naya as she struggles to give the details of her escape from Chicago to the streets of New York, where fame and fortune are hidden behind walls of betrayal and lies.

Once in New York, she finds herself standing on the stage of the Skinny, a hot jazz club that is owned by Big Fred, a man with a voice like butter and a scheming heart. He will give her the name the world will come to embrace....Jazzmyne, the Jazz singer.

Enters the perfectly polished black leather shoes of Mr.Charles T. Williams. Will Naya find love and happiness in his arms?

Looking for a listening ear, Naya meets Misty. Will Misty be the type of friend that Naya needs or does Misty come with secrets attached?

As the melodies tones of her voice carry her to the top, Naya soon realizes that everyone is out to color her Jazzmyne.

This is the story of Naya Monà. This is her journey to finding her own voice.

Color Me Jazzmyne is the debut book for Marian L. Thomas. It was a book, 20 years in the making. It delivers heartache, pain, sorrow, joy, happiness and drama. It is a piece of the author, more than the pages can relate.