A Trust Earned

Excerpts & Samples, Romance

By Diana Castilleja

Publisher : Tease Publishing

ABOUT Diana Castilleja

Diana Castilleja
With more than half a dozen ebooks currently to her credit and her first print book released in 2008 to rave reviews, Diana Castilleja has kept busy since she started writing professionally in late 2004.

Diana currently resides in central Texas with her husband and son. When no More...


Selene Aiza is a very compassionate woman by nature, and fiercely protective of those she cares for. A renowned doctor with gentle patient skills, she prefers the wild country of western Oregon and the secluded hospital where she can help the people who truly need her assistance. And in the depths of those wooded wilds she can keep her secrets well hidden.

She is safe until the man she encounters by pure chance becomes the hospital's first choice as co-administrator. Her secrets and her very life fall into jeopardy, and only he can save her. He could also destroy her.
"...this one is a must."
Fennel, LASR

...fast paced, tightly packed with emotion, mystery and suspense,
 Jackie, ParaNormal Romance (PNR Inklings)