Up The Way ( DC Bookdiva Publications Presents)

Up The Way ( DC Bookdiva Publications Presents)

ABOUT Benjamin Janey

Benjamin Janey
I am the author of the urban novel, Up The Way. Yet, I refuse to box myself in as just a writer of urban novels. Therefore, my next book will have a greater purpose to all. Stay tuned...



San Dora is a prison where there's money to be made. Joining forces childhood friends and CO's Mia and Jazz are on the come up and playing by their own rules. A simple bus ride introduce Mia to the game, only to find out that Jazz has been making moves secretly up the way. Escalade and Do-Boy hold down the streets, while in prison Akbar, Malik, and Born Freedom represent the Gods to the fullest. Renegade female guards take no shorts and are gangsta ! Even the Warden has issues. The sex is salacious, and their swagger canonical. Take a journey into the lives of these characters, every page is unique, it s full of great laughs, and nothing is ever what it seems.