The Secrets He Kept

Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Wendy Miller

Publisher : Wendy Miller

ABOUT Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller
I'm an author and photographer, as well as a single homeschooling mother of two. I write romantic suspense, and have published two novels so far, and am about to publish my third.



Meadow’s marriage to Sander Hanson wasn’t the stuff of fairy tales, but she didn’t think it was all that horrible. It's only after his death that she finds out that he was keeping secrets. It starts with unexplained credit card charges, and women’s names in a little black book. Then there’s the secret bank account.

Stetson Christensen had been in business with Sander for many years, but he’d stopped liking the man personally a very long time ago. So when Meadow approaches him and asks for help, he has no problem doing what she asked.

Time spent in close proximity brings their long hidden desire for each other to the surface. Stetson doesn’t want a relationship, and Meadow knows it’s not the right time for one. But they can’t keep ignoring their attraction, and they can’t get away from each other.

Uncovering the dead man’s secrets shows them a depravity that neither of them had realized existed. The more they learn, the more they begin to realize they could be in serious danger. They have to find all of Sander’s secrets in order to protect themselves, and the only ones they can trust are each other.

Will they find everything they need to know in time? Or will Meadow and her children pay for Sander’s sins?

I wrote The Secrets He Kept after reading 50 Shades of Grey. I read in that book, and others, that one of the core tenets of the lifestyle is consent - everything is done with consent of both people. And I started thinking: what if someone wanted to get into that without consent? What if they wanted to make their partner unable to consent, or put them in a position where their consent would be forced? The idea snowballed from there.