Eden forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy)

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Aoife Marie Sheridan

Publisher : Aoife Marie Sheridan

ABOUT Aoife Marie Sheridan

Aoife Marie Sheridan
Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon's books, given to by her grandmother her love for romances grew, by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them.    Aoife had a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries.  More...



Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty one year old. With family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person who can save Saskia, a world parallel to earth.When Sarajane is taken to Saskia, she could never have imagined the reality of the world she steps into, a world where magical abilities are in everyone's possession.

She must face a father she never knew, a world that is beyond her belief. A guardian who captures her heart, and a darkness that wants to take it.On this journey Sarajane discovers her magical abilities and realizes they come with a price. Sarajane is truly tested, as her loved ones are put at risk.


The question she must ask herself is, how do you choose who lives and who dies? 

Real quick thoughts, Damn i so wanted to give this a four stars about half way through the book because i just thought it was going to be too short to fit everything in, but i am pleasantly surprised that Aoife Marie Sheridan managed to wrap it up pretty well that all things that were introduced had a little show time, and i know this is series so i knew that there was suppose to be a lot going on, but at first it seemed to be introducing to much too fast, but i will get to that later. 

Song time! here is the part where i give you a song or two, or three, or so if you chose to listen to them that is your choice. The songs tend to range from how i felt the tone of the overall book was or pinpoint certain aspects, and for this book there is NO FUCKING way i could pick A song to do the overall tone. So lets try something else...okay i think i am going to go with "Drunk Again" by Big Reel Fish to go along with Sarajane's feelings throughout most of the book. And i will find another song it just took me forever to even pick that one, this is a hard book to pin down....Fog (again) by Radiohead its what i listened to while reading and while the lyrics don't match much the tone i feel does at times

**I loved this book, I thought it was flipping fan-fucking-tastic, now with that said this is a hardcore Fantasy novel and I know that isn't everyone's thing so while i think it was perfect be warned it is a Fantasy book. Kay? Kay. Good. 
****Oh another warning! There is mentions of the sex in this book, nothing to in depth so i don't know why you would freak out, because its mostly, we made love, kind of stuff but there is my slightly warning about that...moving on!

Gushing moments...i mean first thoughts...yeah sure that is what mean...pfft...anyways A-MAZING. i think i have already said that, but when I started this book i was a little iffy because the prologue was long, and when I realized that Marta a servant was already pregos, and the father's name happened to be the King's name who was married, i was even more cautious, i was like whoa what the hell...DON'T I SWEAR TO GOD if that is what makes you stop from reading this book i might have to find you and hurt you. The prologue also ends very suddenly so i was like, um huh? Don't worry its all explained, and i understood the reason for the long prologue it was to introduce the reader to this fantasy world without having to do it later. And now after finishing the book it was a splendid idea because otherwise it would have been information overload when we couldn't have handled it. So i think that this book would work if you are a paranormal fan as well, just dip your toes into fantasy come to the dark side, we have enchanted forest! and swords! Oh it such fun!

Alright, alright moving onto plot: I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT I LOVED IT I LOVED IT! okay if you didn't get that i loved it. I love when books start us off "running" as i like to call it. The story starts fast and gets you hooked even faster, quite honestly if i didn't have a dog with a cone head right now, and i was the only one at home, i wouldn't have stopped reading this book, the plot wasn't the only amazing thing but i will get to characters in a moment. for right now, the plot, it was fast paced, something is usually going on, and if you try to think you can figure stuff out just stop right now because there is something hiding behind the trees, or in the corner of your eye, you will not see it when it slinks up upon you, but will it ever get your heart racing! Man a lot of the times i try to stay away from prophecy books because well its a personal choice really but i feel like its just too much sometimes especially in a fantasy, also a little bit because it is expected. But here is the thing i didn't mind in this book i loved it, it wasn't too strong for the first book in a series and i appreciated that because sometimes the first thing prophecy books want to do is cram it down your throat. this book didn't so thank you Aoife Marie Sheridan. God i loved this book. Alright so plot = amazing. 


The novel was told in a couple different points of view, at the end it really became Sarajane's POV only but the whole book is really about her story. The different POVs were: Marta, Sarajane, and Bellona. 

Marta: she is the mother to Sarajane, and Jessica. I liked her she didn't have a whole lot of POVs and usually it would piss me off that it would start to trail off with POVs and become solely one or two peoples completely dropping in this case Marta's but i understood the need for it, and quite frankly it didn't bother me. Marta did though she bothered me sometimes and i wanted her to stand up for her daughter at points then when she finally did i didn't think that Sarajane needed her anymore. 

Bellona: crazy bitch. there i said it. But she is. So as one of many of the villains in this book congrats you are cra-cra and i hated you. Which overall is a good thing because i don't think one should love the villain, well in a way you love that they are so villainous so technically i guess its a good thing to love them? OUCH my head hurts i give up, she was a good villain. 

Sarajane: She really did take over the narrative, she was brave in that unconventional way, she has a lot to learn and a lot more growing to do but i still loved her because she has such potential. I loved that she was such a compassionate MC and along with compassionate, she was passionate. She did want she believed was right, she was true to herself. She was strange because she has the spirit of a warrior like she could run into battles and totally kick ass but she is such a good person, and wants to be loving that she would hold herself back when she can but she isn't afraid to rush into the mess to save a friend and that is something i can totally respect. Really she was a very well rounded MC that i thought she was worth reading about even if the plot sucked, which it didn't but kept this MC this book would have gotten a 4 stars from me still i loved her just that much, along with other characters. But as a MC she was very close to perfect, and in my eyes that is perfect :) 

Tristan: moment we met him i knew that i would hate to love him which is always the best. He is overly cruel, and standoffish, but its in those little moments when he gives something away those moments you really have to pay attention you see his love. He is amazing love interest i liked him so much but i will admit that i thought Sarajane and his relationship maybe moved just a little to fast for me, but i don't totally hate it either, i am slightly undecided. But i really did like him and i wish there was more of him. there was a part that confused me and there seemed to be power shift from him from Morrick who is the King and i am very curious to see where that goes. 

Kiar and Neve: I FLIPPIN' LOVED THEM they were the like comic relief in the book but i love that they took Sarajane right in and loved her like a sister, they were amazing and i totally fell in love with them both i am going to do a super spoiler and this is meant only to be seen by people who just don't give a shit about surprises being ruined and people who have read the book so i implore you not to look if you haven't read the book (view spoiler)

So the ending? Not to horrible of a cliffhanger but its a continuous story, not like in some series where everything seems to be resolved but there are new problems that arise in the next book, no the problems still exist but at least you can breathe a little. 

So here come my most favorite part of the review but not really, i do this blog, and i talk about it because i love to read indie books and i love to make sure that those indie authors get the promotion they deserve. So if you are interested in indie books, i don't have a ton of fantasy i do have one that i know of and its totally amazing and if you enjoyed this book i know you would enjoy Vortex amazing book, anyways its books like those and these that i and a friend review, indie stuff. so come check us out if you want here is the link: http://theviolethourbookreviews.wordp... we appreciate you(less)