Family Tyme! Don't Get Caught Up!

ABOUT Pamela Hayes

Pamela Hayes
My  name is Pamela J Hayes I am a  published author who has been writing for years.  I am a mother of two beautiful boys and I have been married 14 years.  I love helping people and networking.  The name of my book is Family tyme! Don't Get Caught Up! This is a fiction based on true More...



Jade - 37 year old mother who is a loving wife. She loves her family, and in love with her husband. She wants her family to have the American dream the house with a fence, money in the bank, travel once a year for a family vacation and spending romantic times with her husband. Little does she know her family is about to lose life as they know it.

Jamaica - She enjoys sex and proud of it. She is not afraid to take risk and lives life on the edge. Jamaica knows how to please her man and does it at all cost. Her and her man Blue have chemistry that is on fire. She loves this man and will do any and everything to make sure she gives him as much pleasure she can. Until Blue goes to prison. Now what is a woman going to do while her man is on lock down. Is she going to stay and do this bid with him until its over. Or is all bets are off and it’s off to fine the next man.

Blue - six one dark brown sexy man from Harlem. He knows how to please the ladies. Romance, sex, and fun is what he lives for. Now his beautiful loving wife he will do anything for. She gave him his son and has been there for him since they were 13 years old. He loves her and she is a great mother to there son. Then you have his side piece Jamaica. Jamaica is hot, sexy, and beautiful. She is down for whatever and he can’t get enough of her. Little does Blue know he is about to get his freedom snatched right from under him. In his time of need who will be by his side. Will it be his beautiful wife Jade? Or will Jamaica the sex kitten he can’t get enough of. Let’s see which woman has what it takes to stand by his side while he goes through Family Tyme!

For this to be Pamela's first book it is a very good story line. It will have you wanting more, but I advise readers to keep reading and to not let the editors mistakes stir you away. This book has an ending that will have you standing in your seat waiting for more. The end is a cliff hanger and I know there is a Part 2. You will be blown away at what a woman will endure for the love of a man...