Killing Time


By C J Wright

Publisher : Dark Crucible Publishing

ABOUT C J Wright

C J Wright
I have had a fascination with all sorts of horror fiction since childhood, and it has been the driving force of my desire to write.  After meeting Sue Townsend, the author of the Adrian Mole books, at the age of eight, I longed to be a writer. I write horror novels for both adults and More...


When twenty-four year old Nicole Hutton found that flat of her dreams, she thought that it was time for her to move out of her mother's house and begin to live on her own. Her childhood had been somewhat traumatic, what with the divorce of her parents. and then spending years at the hands of am abusive stepmother, it wasn't until she broke away to live with her mother, Sarah, that she started to feel safe. Nicole hoped that the feeling would continue in the new flat. The flat came with near enough everything that she could have hoped for, including an old mantle clock. As Nicole begins to settle into her new place things start to happen, and questions arise: Who is the mysterious woman in a bloodstained white dress? Where does the smell of lavender come from? And what do these things all have to do with a horror called The Dark Man?