The God Gene

General Fiction, Humor

By Jaymie Simmon

Publisher : Telemachus Press

ABOUT Jaymie Simmon

Jaymie Simmon
Author of the novel The God Gene



The God Gene opens at an elite Chicago university, where cancer researcher Rosalind Evans has discovered that the genetic code at the center of the second chromosome spells out the Ten Commandments. She thinks it is a hoax, but when someone leaks her bizarre discovery, the world wakes up to the news that there is a message from God in their DNA. That’s when all hell breaks loose.  Christians, Jews, and Muslims around the world celebrate the proof of God's existence, but members of the political and religious hierarchy see it a different way: proof of an omnipotent God (especially a God with rules) will put a serious damper on their ambitions. They secretly plot to discredit the God Gene by attacking the woman who discovered it. Rosalind Evans is an atheist who only wanted to cure cancer, but now she must fight the most powerful institutions on earth to regain her freedom, her scientific integrity and ultimately, her life. 

"The humor ranges from laugh out loud to dark." Phil Angelo, The Daily Journal

“I would highly recommend reading The God Gene by Jaymie Simmon. Fully developed characters. Interesting plot line. Very relevant to our time and its spiritual and moral ambiguity. Simmon sprinkles her plot with comments on our zeitgeist.”  --  Jack Hatfield, Chairman of the Board, Chicago Area Great Books Council