Network of Killers

ABOUT Dewey Reynolds

Dewey Reynolds
D. B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, computer expert, freelance writer. He is also a member of The Writer's Guild and The Writer's Place. D. B. began writing at the high school level and has continued throughout the years. He is author of a crime thriller and a sci-fi fantasy thrille More...



Get ready as this thriller about a group of Chicago, Kansas City, and New Orleans crime bosses takes you on a rollercoaster ride. Carmine and Michael Bernazzoli of the Chicago Outfit, has consolidated power with Thomas Galluccio of the Kansas City Outfit, along with Stefano Fontanello of the New Orleans Mafia, for many of years. Their ability to make money, exercise power, and maximize bloodshed within the multi-billion dollar unions of the Teamsters, has always been their clear objectives.

New threats to their criminal dynasty have arisen. Those very threats include an FBI Special Agent, witnesses to his murder, an ambitious detective, and those who've defied their ruthless supremacy. The Bernazzoli Brothers, Galluccio, and Fontanello believe that everyone has a price. When an FBI Agent comes to town to investigate their unholy alliance with the Teamsters Union, the four mob bosses are aware of how their notorious crime families will feel the hot breath of the U. S. Government closing in on them.

Money and power proves how the most precious jewel in their crown is the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters. A band of bloodthirsty contract killers have been sanctioned to take out this FBI Agent as a last desperate measure. They soon find out that their work isn't done when eager witnesses are willing to come forward with identifying the men responsible for the FBI's murder. Silencing those who know too much. It is the violent codes that govern their world. One contract killing after another takes place until the crime bosses have restored order to their criminal enterprise. Fasten your seatbelts since this supremely fascinating tale of greed, power, corruption, betrayal, and sex takes you on a wild ride, where the shadows of a violent death lurks deep within the dark inner sanctums.