Unexpeced Truth

General Fiction

By Author Makenzi

Publisher : Xpress Yourself Publishing

Unexpeced Truth

ABOUT Author Makenzi

Author Makenzi
My name is Makenzi I was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio but currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm an author of three fiction novels and a short story. I've been writing since 2004 and since the day I picked up a pen and paper, I haven't stopped. Writing is what I use to releas More...



Phoenix Brown has been dealt a bad hand in life. Born in Cleveland, Ohio to an absentee father and drug-addicted mother, Phoenix learned at a young age the meaning of survival. She witnessed her brother’s life taken at the hands of a local drug dealer and also how the streets took over her mother’s life. Phoenix was determined that her past would not predict her future. After graduating high school she enrolled in college, where she met and married the love of her life. However, she did not encounter the marital bliss she had hoped for when she learned of her husband’s indiscretions with a love child on the way. Devastated by the news, Phoenix’s self-esteem is completely down. Not ready to give up on her marriage, Phoenix takes matters into her own hands, by confronting her husband at work with regards to his selfish decisions about love, life and marriage. One wrong turn lands Phoenix in the one place she could never imagine being…in jail.