Your Comeuppance

ABOUT Edmund Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald
Born in Greenwich (London, UK) I began my professional life as a trainee accountant for an emblematic, though now defunct, airline. I spent the next quarter of a century gnawing my way up the corporate food chain, ascending to the agreeable billet of country manager to the Spanish branch o More...



Welcome to the here and now. Welcome to the land of dodgy officials, greedy bankers, loutish football stars, chavish misogynists and unbangupable career cheats.

It seems everybody is at it. And these toe-rags do it for one simple reason: because they can. They’ll keep getting away with their abhorrent behaviour because what they do isn’t always illegal; just obnoxious, loathsome and plain antisocial. For which there exists no effective remedy. No redress. These selfish individuals are the new untouchables.

But enough is enough. When true justice fails the people, the people turn to the new kid on the block: YourComeUppance. The new vox populi.

An altruistic white knight, or a darkening nightmare? Whichever it is, you really wouldn’t want your name to feature in the YCU Hall of Shame. Because that’s a serious life threatening proposition ... as some creatures out there are discovering to their ultimate cost.

Maybe there is justice in this world after all.

Justice – YCU style.

I had taken a break from pulling together my first novel, The AQALAN Initiative, when a number of external bugger-factors were affecting the storyline. Osama bin Laden, for example, could no longer appear in the present tense and neither could two live Bee Gees nor Sevi Ballesteros. I´ve mentioned Cliff Richard a couple of times … so I´m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens to him. Anyway … while I contemplated my navel on the somewhat fluid nature of my first book I decided to start work on the second. I remember sitting in Shamrocks Irish bar in Madrid watching England trying to play football (soccer) at the 2010 World Cup. The match against Algeria was typical of the lacklustre performance we´d come to expect of a bunch of over-paid losers who make the headlines for all the wrong reasons. These so-called professionals are an embarrassment. They fail abysmally and consistently in their (not so important) trade, yet while millions suffer from the ravages of a deepening recession these guys still hold onto their jobs and continue to pull in the multi-million pound salaries, match bonuses and image rights. But this betrayal of English pride and reputation for fair play doesn´t stop at football. Add the charming Sir Fred Goodwin, a plethora of tax-cheating multi-nationals, a multitude of grasping officials and a whole host of disagreeable figures who grace our media headlines … and we´ve got a significant layer of slime choking the air from our otherwise green and pleasant land. From this background of big business cheats and the rise – and silent acceptance – of sub-class chavness, I just had to vent my spleen through the power of the keyboard. Thus the birth of Your ComeUppance.