How to Give a Wonderfull Gift

ABOUT Carlos Sanhueza Salazar

Carlos Sanhueza Salazar
Carlos Sanhueza Salazar was born in Santiago,Chile in 1976. He is a teacher of History and he is studying Computer Programming and System Analyst. He worked for almost 9 years teaching computer basic to seniors and employees from various business. And in his free time, he likes to organ More...



You will remember for this gesture.

This is the goal to this eBook.

You can choose a good Gift if you follow a few simple suggestions.

The Christmas eve are closer. What are you going to do?

1. Say thanks?
2. Send a gift?
3. or Do you sent a Wonderful Gift?

That is the challenge.

Besides, the ebook has this index:
- The Gift Rules.
- How to create a catalog.
- Use your computer for a secret research.
- Gifts for Parents.
- Gifts for Grandparents.
- Gifts for Relatives.
- Gifts for Friends.
- Gifts for Couple.
- Gifts for your sons.
- Gifts for other people.
- Gifts for yourself.
- How to say thanks for a received Gift.

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I was always admire because I picked up the right Gift in all time. And the I decided to write a ebook trying to teach these skill. It's easy if you take the time to read and understand what is the tastes of people.