Blood Curse: The Chronicles of Riven the Heretic, Book Two

ABOUT Toni V. Sweeney

Toni V. Sweeney
Toni Sweeney's writing career began during an extended convalescence following an automobile accident.  Since her recovery, she has survived tornados and snow-covered winters in the Midwestern United States and currently lives amid the sunshine, earthquakes, and forest fires of Orange Cou More...



At last married to the woman he has desired for so long, Riven kan Ingan discovers that old hatreds and long ago grudges aren't absolved by wedding vows.  In an attempt to protect his young wife from his enemies, he accepts a title from the Margrave, taking her away to lead the dull life of a country noble.  Married life may have made Riven kan Ingan a love-struck fool, but he refuses to be a cuckold when he returns from battle to discover his beloved Barbara pregnant with a child he couldn't have sired.  In fury at her supposed unfaithfulness, he risks the wrath of the gods and sends her to her death, only to find himself driven from his domain by a deadly curse.  Haunted by Barbara's memory, Riven begins a quest to find the one who accursed him.  In the years that follow, his journey will take him to the land of his birth, where he'll discover long-hidden family secrets and find himself dependent upon a barbarian's woman gentle mercy to help him rid himself of the remnants of the Blood Curse.