The Rose and the Dragon

ABOUT Toni V. Sweeney

Toni V. Sweeney
Toni Sweeney's writing career began during an extended convalescence following an automobile accident.  Since her recovery, she has survived tornados and snow-covered winters in the Midwestern United States and currently lives amid the sunshine, earthquakes, and forest fires of Orange Cou More...



Nanny wanted: Must have desire for excitement, adventure, danger. When Miranda Wilson is hired to care for Dominic Andrus’ triplets, she has no idea how dangerous the job would be! It is like the plot of a Gothic novel: lovely, young governess, handsome, mysterious employer, three motherless children… but there the resemblance ends. Even when she learns that her boss is an interplanetary criminal, hiding his children on Earth to prevent their abduction, she manages to take it all in stride… until she meets Kit, Dominic’s volatile younger brother, and realizes he is the man she will love forever. Miranda soon finds herself on the planet Gataeus, risking her life in a war between the Andruses and a madman sworn to destroy them. For whoever wins the war will determine not only whether she ever sees Earth again, but also the survival of her young charges and the fate of the man she loves.