Call me Jane

Young Adult

By Anthea Carson

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Anthea Carson
Anthea Carson is an author of a children's chess book "How to Play Chess like an Animal," and five novels and several short stories. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. She has worked as a chess coach and professional chess player. She is currently listed in  More...



Jane switches from a private school to a public school and becomes involved with a group of kids who are into partying and getting high.

Call me Jane is the prequel to the best seller The Dark Lake, and book two of The Oshkosh Trilogy.

Jane's a nice girl who gets caught up in a world she believes she can handle in a public school. Upon her transfer from a private school, she befriends a crowd that is into the alcohol, drugs and party scene. Jane is really an outsider trying to gel with the in crowd. She is a young woman of substance just trying to fit in. She is very smart and plays chess, but finds herself drawn into her friends' shallow world because she wants to belong.

This book introduces us to a young woman who is coming of age in a time of difficulty and confusion during junior high and high school when other kids can be cruel. Call Me Jane reminds me of the movie "Thirteen" because there is a group of teenagers engaged in activities way above their maturity levels. This book takes the reader into the sheer ugliness of being a teen, all the temptations that could possibly lure a good kind off the straight and narrow path.

If you want to delve into a realistic picture of what life is like for today's teenagers. Read Call Me Jane and get a real wake-up call.

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