Souls of Norcross: A Railroad Town With an Afterlife

Souls of Norcross: A Railroad Town With an Afterlife

ABOUT William Hillard-Aymerich

William Hillard-Aymerich
Will Aymerich is an American paranormal investigator, Social media professional, Traveler, Radio/Podcast host, Published author and founder of The DARKSIDE SYNDICATE a popular paranormal investigation team... As most of you know he failed his way into paranormal entertainment and is very More...



Haunted stories and historic images come back to life on the pages of 'Souls of Norcross', a chronicle based on true history and true paranormal experiences of a railroad town with an active afterlife. The team, ‘Norcross Paranormal’, led by Will Aymerich, a paranormal investigator, with the help of Sally Toole, a local historian, offer this unusual view of a charming southern town through the eyes of those who are living, those who are wrapped in local lore, and those whose lives have become legend.