ABOUT Toni V. Sweeney

Toni V. Sweeney
Toni Sweeney's writing career began during an extended convalescence following an automobile accident.  Since her recovery, she has survived tornados and snow-covered winters in the Midwestern United States and currently lives amid the sunshine, earthquakes, and forest fires of Orange Cou More...



Who is killing the vampires of Compound Albidon-7?  It is the year 2525, and at last, Mankind faces the fact that vampires exist, solving the problem by imprisoning the Undead in concentration camps throughout the Galaxy.  When three of the incarcerated in the detention colony on Albidon-7 are destroyed by silver nitrate injection into their hemoglobin supply, the local police are forced to investigate.  Officer in charge Lieutenant Katherine Dalis insists that Chirospher Landless, the Cilony's reluctant leader, assist her.  Their association results in a love affair which estranges Kit from his Undead colleagues and leads them to the discoery that old crimes never go unpunished!