The Butterfly Pendant

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ashley Howie

Publisher : Black Rose Writing

The Butterfly Pendant

ABOUT Ashley Howie

Ashley Howie



Andala's life on Elayia had begun to take flight those first few weeks after arriving. Her disappearance from Earth had become a fading memory. Nearly every day after her arrival, she followed a strict training routine in order to release her inner elf. Several months had passed and Andala was well on her way to becoming a sharp shooter with her recurve bow and a deadly hand with her sword. Andala had also adapted more into her role as an elf, transforming from her prior human self. Over the months, Andala grows closer to several elves, especially Adalia and Krath. Every morning since the first day of her arrival, Krath made sure that she had fresh blooming flowers in her room to greet her in the morning. As she adjusted to the new traditions and the way of the elves they both eased her anxiety, slowly filling the void she had missed on Earth. All the training for Andala supported the hope that one day she would save the land of Elayia from the dreadful vampires, causing misery upon the land. As the eve the of war draws closer, she welcomes the aid of other elves, men, dwarves, darthans, fairies and the other races in Elayia and embraces becoming the princess she was destined to be.