Kinetic: The First Alliance

ABOUT Alexander Carter

Alexander Carter
My pen name is Herro Raymond, and I along with my co author Laz Matech are the authors for the "Kinetic" book series. The first installment is "Kinetic: The First Alliance." I came up with the story in 2003, and now that it is published my main concern is the promotion  More...



Alex Carter is just a normal kid stumbling through adolescence and trying to find his way in life—but all of that is about to change. He receives an uninvited visit in his bedroom one night by Shyra, an alien being from a distant planet; she tells him she has come to prepare his race for a fight. His planet is being threatened by Zenakuu, a world known for invading other planets to mine resources, and Shyra believes Alex has the ability to save it.

Shyra’s world, Kalryn, has already had to fight off a Zenakuu invasion, and its inhabitants have come to Earth to train promising kinetics to help protect the entire galaxy. Shyra takes Alex on her ship to the mountains, where he immediately begins training to become one of a handful of superheroes who must use their powers to battle aliens intent on winning a brutal intergalactic war.

The survival of humanity lies in the hands of a teenager who is sure of only one thing—that he is not sure about anything. In the first installment in this exciting series, a teenager torn away from his family and everything he has ever known is about to discover how hard it is to be a hero."

"Kinetic" focuses around five youths that are born with amazing kinetic abilities due to an intergalactic war that is being waged light years away. The story mainly follows Alexander Carter, an adolescent from Houston, Texas. Alex is just an average teenager trying to make it through high school when life takes a turn for the fantastic and the bizarre. One night, he finds an alien named Shyra in his bedroom. She tells him that Earth is threatened by the Zenakuu, a planet originally known for traveling to other planets to mine resources. Unfortunately the Zenakuu traveled to an uncharted planet and began to drill. They unknowingly unearth a visceral species of insect-like parasites that can consume whole civilizations in mere days. In order to save the galaxy from this threat the captain of the ship initiated the self destruct which would systematically blow up the entire planet. He succeeds in doing so, but chunks of the planet are sent hurling back towards their home world. Once there, the monstrous insects go to work eating everyone and everything in sight. The planet sends out a distress call to their sister planet Kalryn, but after weighing out the danger, they decide not to help. Years after Zenakuu was presumed dead from receiving no aid, they attack and invade their sister planet Kalryn. By the skin of their teeth the Kalrynians are able to fend them off, but the Zenakuu swear they will have their revenge, each time invading other planets, and bringing their newly enslaved races to join the fray. Finally, Kalryn had enough, and the council decides to recruit other worlds to help fight as well. They send a guide to Earth to unlock and train teenagers to use kinetic energy such as Pyro, Electro, Aero, Hydro, and Geo kinesis. Now Zenakuu has their sights set on Earth, Shyra tells Alex that she has come to train gifted individuals, known as Kinetics also known as ESPers (people with extrasensory perception), to guard the Earth from the Zenakuu threat. He and a handful of teens are the planet's last hope of survival. She takes Alex to her ship, where he trains to be one of the few elite superheroes with the power to fight the aliens who have come to Earth fully intending to win a brutal intergalactic war. The story is about the ongoing war between the two planets and the teenagers who have been torn away from their families to help fight a battle they originally had nothing to do with. The fate of humanity, and the galaxy, is now in Alex's hands, and he has no idea what he's gotten himself into.