The Judas Factor

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Michael Ellah
After The Judas Factor was accepted for publication by Spectrum Books Ltd in 1987 and contracts entered into between the author and the publisher, delays and cancellation were the first obstacles faced by the novel on its journey to publication. Thereafter in the course of twenty five year More...



By using his immense wealth obtained from the operation and control of an underworld drug trafficking organization, spanning three continents, Mustapha employs his usual ruthless tactics to destroy a young and dashing drug courier for engaging in a secret affair with his fiancé. The courier is framed and executed in a secretly contrived trap engineered by Mustapha and his aides. Mustapha also seeks to gain ultimate power through the sponsorship of a military coup to take over power in an African country. These actions eventually have dire consequences for the coup plotters. As Mustapha’s sinister activities unfold, the investigation into the betrayal and execution of the courier seeks to vindicate his killing in a thrilling sequence of events that exposes the weaknesses and self preservation instincts of several doomed characters bound together in retributive destruction and betrayal. 

This is a first novel accepted for publication twenty five years ago by a local publisher in Nigeria, Spectrum Books Nigeria Ltd. After several re writes and adjustments having been made by the author in conjunction with the publisher as a precursor to publication, budgetary rationalization by the publisher led to its not being published and all contracts ere not fulfilled. The only manuscript of this novel was lost for several years ion the course of moving homes a few times during the intervening years. The 'lost' book was then discovered by the authors children who then read it as a discovery of the word of their dad in the years when he was not married before their birth.After reading this book the authors children felt that it was necessary that the book be published and be read by the generality of people. So in a nutshell it has been a while from writing to publication. In this time most who have read the book feel that it has not dated in any manner whatsoever and the issues behind the story has not dated at all.

I found the story very compelling-the plot is fascinating and the characters are well drawn.’
-Chris W. Bankole. Spectrum Books Ltd.