The Lenten Moon

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Von Goodwin
Ancient wisdom proclaims a teacher will appear when the student is ready to learn; and one is always at a time in their life to learn. The teacher is often cloaked as coincidence. And far too often learning experiences are either ignored as chance or proclaimed as miracles. These extrem More...



The rising of the Lenten Moon signaled the beginning of a time of mournful respect for the death of Christ at the hands of the Romans.  And two thousand years later the rising of the same full moon marked the beginning of a quest of discovery and accountability. To expose those who were entrusted with preserving life of committing acts of reckless abandonment.  Deceit and arrogance were pieces of a failed orchestration that resulted in a tragic death.  A missed diagnosis, the dodging of responsibility and the alchemy of leech saliva and snake venom were professional interventions that caused the instant clotting of the patient’s blood.  Thirty one days of decisions and second-guessing tilled the soil of doubt as self inflicted guilt produced its fruit of reckoning.  A reckoning that not only changed the lives of the guilty, but also provided insightful tutorials and saved my life in the process.