Pride & Prejudice With A Side Of Grits

General Fiction, Humor

By Mary Calhoun Brown

Publisher : Wentworth & Collins

ABOUT Mary Calhoun Brown

Mary Calhoun Brown
Mary Calhoun Brown has an extensive background in writing, marketing, and public relations. After graduating from Marshall University, she was hired by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce as its youngest-ever public relations officer. After the birth of her three children, Mary worked a More...



 Just in time for the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen's timeless classic, Wentworth & Collins is pleased to announce the release of Pride & Prejudice With A Side Of Grits, by Mary Calhoun Brown.

Brown's humorous adaptation picks up all your favorite characters, puts them in a poke, and drops them smack dab in the middle of 21st century Appalachia. Pride & Prejudice With A Side Of Grits is written entirely in the dialect of the American south and incorporates southern colloquialisms into both the dialogue and narration of the novel.  The only exception to the country-fried language buffet is the already awkward character, "Mary," who retains Austen's words verbatim and provides a contrast that only enhances the down-home flavor of the other characters.

 Author Mary Calhoun Brown crafts her adaptation with care and attention to the original storyline. Although Bingley becomes "Buford," Mr. Collins becomes "Cooter," and Darcy becomes "Dutch," their personalities are those readers have loved for two centuries. "Flo" and "Benny" are still trying to marry off their five daughters, and there ain't many prospects out in their part of the country, until, of course, word spreads through town that a new feller has let the doublewide on the other side of the tracks.  Hilarity ensues.

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Mary Calhoun Brown is a Janiac. After years of reading and re-reading and laughing at Jane Austen's social satire, Brown decided to translate it into something her family and friends from the South would enjoy. The end result is a hilarious re-telling of Pride & Prejudice, written in southern dialect and colloquialism that appeals to everyone. A home run.

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