The Little Boy and the Sea-reflections from the edge of infInity...Vol. 1

Children's Books, General Fiction

By Lazarus Infinity

Publisher : Larry Platt

The Little Boy and the Sea-reflections from the edge of infInity...Vol. 1

ABOUT Lazarus Infinity

lazarus Infinity
A native of New Orleans, he has studied theater at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Dillard University. His first one-act play 'MIRRORS' won first place at the National Association for Drama/Speech Arts (NADSA) in 1996. It was produced the following year at the New Orleans Blac More...



"If you can't make it a happy day for yourself, you can make it one for someone else." That's the the first lesson learned in a heartwarming, easy to read tale of a young boy's efforts to make friends. From overcoming kids at school teasing him for dreaming big to helping those less fortunate, this collection is created for the Kindle by award-winning playwright lazarusInfinity. The first volume in a series of stories sure to inspire children of all ages.
This is a collection of life lessons and affirmations in a kid-friendly format. The author captures the childlike innocence of a fresh perspective on the world, and reminds us that we never have to lose that. The stories are uncomplicated but profound - just like life should be.
-Scott Young

I was browsing through the site looking for new material for a 4 year old and came across this title. Taking the plunge since it was really inexpensive, I was amazed at how positive and upbeat the stories were! For any parents looking for funny, insightful and positive stories to share with their children, look no further than 'The Little Boy and the Sea'. It's a must read for all children and since it's listed as volume one, I can't wait for volume two!
-Ann Swearingen

This is an incredibly thoughtful series, age appropriate and inspiring. Well written, thought provoking, and enjoyable- each offers an important lesson wrapped in an entertaining story. Definitely one to get.
-Meaghan O'Connor