Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In

ABOUT Dyphia Blount

dyphia blount
Dyphia is a Visionary! She believes that with God leading the way, there is no boundaries to success. She is a loyal wife, mother, and friend. Dyphia wears many hats and they all fit her profoundly. Dyphia's dream of being a best-selling Erotica/Romance Novelist is well within reach as her More...



Dr. Lenese Stringfield Puts the “Sex” in Sex Therapy as she takes the profession by storm with her new and innovative techniques.  Her seductive nature and sexy demeanor has her clients eating out of the palm of her hand; amongst other things.  Lenese has loved once and lost. So, if she can’t be with the one she loves; she will love the one she’s with.  But, amazing sex doesn’t come without a price tag.  Too bad life has a lesson to teach this freaky therapist!  She will soon learn that Karma is the “one bitch” that has everyone’s address. Fooling around with another woman’s husband is dangerous, but falling in love with one can be deadly.