Drowned City

ABOUT Joshua D. Boeringa

Joshua D. Boeringa
Joshua D. Boeringa lives and writes in West Michigan.



While volunteering at a Mexican boarding school with her church youth group, Liz Nichols finds herself in the middle of a crisis when a tsunami turns the town to ruins. At just seventeen, she is unprepared for the load with which she is burdened: It falls to Liz to search for the twin boys who disappeared before the tsunami hit. She is also tasked with keeping the boarding school director from spiraling into emotional despair. Her naïve foster brother, two years her senior, is rendered helpless in the desperate situation and depends on her to pull him through. In the midst of it all, she discovers that a creature straight out of prehistory, with the muscled, leathery physique of a crocodile and the chaotically serrated jaws of a shark, has been left onshore by the tsunami. In the end, Liz finds herself stressed to the maximum, abused by nature and by tragic circumstance, face to face with a creature unlike any she has ever seen.