Mad About Undead You

ABOUT Carl Plumer

Carl Plumer
I write paranormal and horror stories and novels that are different from what most folks are doing. I'd say they're "literary" horror, if that makes sense.



Imagine you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Imagine fighting for your life, running for your life.
Because, one day, you will be. Just like Cathren and Donovan.
Cathren Whitney is half-human, half-zombie.
She can’t be harmed or killed by zombies, no matter how many attack her.
Yet she can rip the undead to shreds as if tearing paper.
With her lover Donovan Codell at her side, Cathren seeks to put the world right again.
But zombies are the least of her problem.
She must avoid a sinister corporation called ATELIC bent on her destruction.
As well as the cryogenically-frozen “heads from hell” that ATELIC has let loose on Earth!
Can San Francisco be saved?
Can love conquer the undead?
Can Cathren and Donovan find freedom, safety, and true love?

If you only read one zombie novel before you die, make it Mad About Undead You!