They Plotted Revenge Against America

Mystery & Thrillers, Politics & Current Affairs

By Abe March

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT Abe March

Abe March
Abraham F. March (Abe F. March) is an international business consultant and author, living near Landau, Germany with his wife Gisela.

An active retiree, he enjoys hiking and exploring the local vineyards and can also be heard singing with a regional men’s choir. Mr. March’s More...


An American attack on Baghdad leaves heartbroken and angry survivors. Two different families, one Muslim and one Christian, are wiped out in the 2003 raids and their young adult progeny are determined to avenge the loss of their loved ones. 

An Israeli Secret Service Agent with a grudge of his own, knows just how to tap into the vulnerabilities that grief leaves, and he organizes the training of select men and women whose desire for vengeance is strong enough to consider a deadly covert mission in America. Trainees will learn to blend in, disappear in the multicultural mix of the US and then infest the food and water supply with a deadly ‘flu virus capable of mutating and infecting the human population. The antidote – if it works – will only be revealed under strict demands.  

As a part of their indoctrination, mission members must have a deep understanding of the causes of conflict in the Middle East. Peering through the darkness of their grief and hatred, some team members come to realize that they could ultimately be responsible for millions of innocent deaths. Their actions could break the stalemate between the Israelis and Palestinians – or bring on unparalleled tragedy.

They Plotted Revenge Against America

by Abe F. March

Reviewed by Malcolm R. Campbell for PODBRAM

Terrorism frightens people because it operates outside the traditional rules of war. It's hard to combat because the attacks are no longer limited to people wearing military uniforms at well-formed battle lines: they can happen anywhere, at any time, and they may well target people who don't have any direct knowledge of the peoples and issues involved. Part of the terror is the pervasive feeling that nobody’s safe.

This is the arena of Abe F. March's chilling novel They Plotted Revenge Against America. The novel is chilling, not because it's filled with “just more violence” in the Middle East, but because the story occurs on American soil as survivors of the American attack on Baghdad blend in to mainstream society to personally extract revenge against everyday citizens.

They Plotted Revenge Against America is a plausible, sobering, intricate and effectively plotted story about a group of well-trained, well-coordinated teams who slip into the U.S. with forged papers and then painstakingly work through a plan that will infect food and water supplies with a deadly virus.

These team members are not the gun-wielding, grenade-throwing stereotypical terrorists we see in most TV shows and movies. They are everyday people who have suffered personal loss and who want to fight back. Once their mission is complete, they plan, if possible, to go back to their normal lives. As the mission unfolds, they alternate between excitement and doubt while trying to avoid detection, and in the process, they discover while blending into community life, that Americans are not the monsters they expected.

March’s story tends to humanize both the terrorists and their victims, showing Americans as largely unconcerned and ill-informed about the agendas and issues involved in the long-time conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors. On the other hand, the terrorists see themselves not as criminals but as soldiers responding to what they view as acts of war taken against their communities.

Since the overall mission leader is a double agent working for Israel's Mossad, group members must not only avoid Homeland Security and other U.S. law enforcement agencies, but the highly effective Israeli intelligence agency as well. This subplot is a nice touch in a book that suggests we're more vulnerable than we suspect.


They Plotted Revenge

- Reviewed by Ron Kruger, newspaper columnist for over 30 years and author of A Higher Good. -

This story stuck with me. In fact, after reading it, I thought about it every time I approached a chicken dinner.
Of course, it’s just a story, but it could happen.

Two Iraqi youths (one Christian and one Muslim) lose their homes and their entire families during the invasion of Iraq and vow revenge.

They, along with a group of other young Palestinian men and women with similar pasts, are recruited for a terrorist plot to infect American poultry, water foul and fish with a deadly virus that mutates to humans.

The author is a recognized expert on the Middle-East, and through his characters he presents interesting insights into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the global politics that keeps this international powder keg so near the flames of discontent.

"They Plotted Revenge" is a suspenseful blend of intrigue and romance, complete with a double agent working with the Israeli Secret Service. He masterminds the plot, but as the day of infestation nears, Homeland Security begins to close in on him. At the same time some of the people recruited to plant the virus become acquainted with a few Americans and realize their actions could kill millions of innocent citizens ignorant of actual events in the Middle-East. Most of them back out and head for home.

One, however, decides to carry out the plot, even after it is officially canceled. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to read to book.

This is a story for our times, and it makes some pertinent points about the Middle-East conflict that threatens us all.