Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

ABOUT K.F. Johnson

K.F. Johnson
KF Johnson was born and raised in Queens New York and developed a vivid imagination and an aptitude for creative writing, drawing and anything else entertaining at a very young age. Her first glimpse of writing success came in the sixth grade when she won a New York City statewide poetry w More...



Brian & Brenda Andrews are 20 something siblings striving indulging in the abundant singles scene in Atlanta Georgia. Brian, a handsome, narcissistic playboy, manipulates women into his bed as regularly as he breathes air. Brenda, serial date's in hopes that her true love and on-again, off-again boyfriend will eventually propose. When their often abusive, alcoholic & philandering father mysteriously drowns in the pool their parent's home, they begin to question the circumstances of his untimely death. Soon, as the skeletons of their family secrets begin falling out of the closet, they're forced to face some truths of their own... and pay the consequences. KF Johnson's BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, takes you on a funny, maniacal and sexy journey inside the relationships of two siblings who think they know everything, but discover everything isn't always what it seems