Dream Team

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Middle Grade, Children's Books

By Lisa Ard

Publisher : Dream Big Publishing

ABOUT Lisa Ard

Lisa Ard
I am a children's book author AND avid reader, stay-at-home mom, part-time business consultant, school volunteer, library board president, Sunday school teacher, book club member, chauffeur, volleyball coach, wife and mom, not necessarily in that order.



When Patrick's voice begins to change, he declares disaster! But one magnificent dream will introduce Patrick to some real-life heroes, who faced far greater adversity. Patrick discovers that his troubles are minor league in comparison. Will Patrick find the courage to face his fears?
As seen on Amazon:
(1) I really enjoyed this book--it was creative, imaginative and yet filled with baseball knowledge and life lessons for young people to learn as they grow up. What a wonderful thing to be able to live out your desires in a dream! Patrick is a lucky boy to have help from his dream seeker sister and mother and someday his brother. 

(2) Patrick is a dream seeker in training, learning from his mom and sister as he discovers more about how some members of his family are able to escape into their dreams, and even join each other in their fantasy adventures. But they can't exactly control what happens in their dreams, and dreams can become nightmares.

This is the 2nd in the series and I haven't read the first one. But the author did a nice job of introducing me to the family and their special dream seeking skill without the feeling that I had come in the middle of something. In Dream Team, Patrick wakes up one morning in real life with a pubescent squeak to his voice, and is devastated. His older sister Grace goes from annoying big sister to someone Patrick learns to appreciate when she joins Patrick in a dream about playing major league baseball with some of the greats. Patrick is the hero of the game, a bit predictable, but in the process he figures out that he can control how he reacts to whatever happens, for example, his unpredictable squeaky voice.

It's a fun read, nice and short for the reluctant young reader, and filled with hope and positive energy along with some cool baseball history as well. My only complaints and hence 4 stars instead of 5 were use of cliches that I don't think kids would get/appreciate, and a bit too much explaining at the end. The author did a great job of bringing home the point, and in my opinion, the reader didn't need a recap.

Strongly recommend this story for the intended audience!