The Other Half of the Sky

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Athena Andreadis

Publisher : Candlemark & Gleam

ABOUT Athena Andreadis

Athena Andreadis



Women may hold up more than half the sky on earth, but it has been different in heaven: science fiction still is very much a preserve of male protagonists, mostly performing by-the-numbers quests.  In The Other Half of the Sky, editor Athena Andreadis offers readers heroes who happen to be women, doing whatever they would do in universes where they’re fully human: starship captains, planet rulers, explorers, scientists, artists, engineers, craftspeople, pirates, rogues…  As one of the women in Tiptree’s “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?” says: “We sing a lot. Adventure songs, work songs, mothering songs, mood songs, trouble songs, joke songs, love songs – everything.”  Everything.
Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy, winner of Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Campbell and Locus awards: The stories are not only fun, but interesting.  This is what science fiction should be!

Gwyneth Jones, author of the Aleutian trilogy and Bold as Love cycle, winner of World Fantasy, Tiptree, Dick and Clarke awards: Every entry here, bar none, engaged me emotionally, entertained me and made me think.

Vonda McIntyre, author of Dreamsnake, winner of Nebula awards
: These stories deserve your time, your attention, your appreciation.

James Patrick Kelly, author of "Think like a Dinosaur" and "Burn", winner of Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards: Check your preconceptions at the air lock and strap in for a wild ride because space sisters kick ass!

Jeanne Cavelos, author of The Passing of the Techno-Mages series: The female characters in THE OTHER HALF OF THE SKY explore the full, rich spectrum of human nature, and at the same time, they take readers on moving and memorable adventures.