From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson

Family & Relationships

By Mo Stegall

Publisher : Antdreren Publishing Group

ABOUT Mo Stegall

mo stegall
Mo Stegall is a top Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Mentor, whose passion is educating, encouraging and empowering people to dig into their mental and emotional treasure chests and live on purpose. Known as "The Treasure Hunter™" because when your dreams are More...



A Healing, Restoring, and Empowering Guide for Everyday Men who are in search of Building and Sustaining Meaningful Relationships

From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson authorizes men to bring their hurt from past relationships, life challenges, and silent frustrations to the forefront without fear of manipulation, allowing his heart to be healed, his manhood restored and his soul empowered. It sanctions men to delve into the intricate components of their minds, hearts and inner most emotions challenging them to sift through those rigid walls of hurt, neglect and excuses while positioning him to be the strong loving pillar of his family. 

It is also an insightful resource for women educating, encouraging and empowering women on how to become the precious jewel that men desperately need. As the author shares innovative analogies, remarkable stories, and perceptive information readers learn how to:

·         Investigate the pitfalls of past relationships

·         Identify issues and challenges that may prohibit growth and development

·         Become marriage material

·         Successfully build healthy relationships

·         Apply innovative tools to optimizing  life-style choices

·         Forgive and be forgiven

·         Relinquish generational relationship curses

·         Be a treasure hunter & jewel expert

And more….

The biblical story of a man given awesome strength by God to strengthen his nation but because of his misjudgment in character falls in love with a persistent woman whose motive is to manipulate him to gain access to the secret of his strength for money. From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson authorizes men to bring their hurt to the forefront without fear of manipulation allowing his heart to be healed, manhood restored and soul empowered while positioning him to be the strong loving pillar of his family.

When Mo Stegall speaks...The Wise Listen. This book is stunningly powerful. It is an honor to commend this book to every person who longs for The Uncommon Life. After reading it You Will Never Be The Same.

-Dr. Mike MurdockAuthor, Senior Pastor, The Wisdom Center

This wisdom-based book written to encourage the explanation and exploration of negatives in men and relationships that have established unconscious patterns and replication in succeeding relationships is a must have and a must read.  Readers will gain insight from Mo’s knowledge and with sincere application of the concepts herein, will experience happier, healthier relationships and consequently happier marriages.

-Yvette Williams National Recording Artist, Producer, Songwriter

Mr. Stegall has birthed a very important book that will help us as a people go to the next level. This book is very important because it's tackling issues that many brush under the rug. Mr. Stegall has proven that he's been given a message that the world should hear and this book is proof of that. Because of his insight and wisdom, this book will reach areas and points that other books around this topic have not. This is definitely a book we need!

-Tony A. Gaskins Jr Author, Celebrity Life & Relationship Coach