Radiance:Love after Death

ABOUT Debra East

Debra East
I am a paranormal romance writer. My first book, Radiance:Love after Death, was released last fall by XOXO Publishing. Currently, I am working on another paranormal romance called Crimson Snow and a poetry book called Scattered Roses. I like photography, traveling and spending time with my family.



Marena Jacobs realizes how incomplete her life has become since her divorce from her childhood sweetheart, Ben. She has thrown herself into her work as a legal assistant to ease the pain, but still, her life seems headed into a downward spiral. Driving home from work one night, during a storm, she is involved in a car accident that very well should have taken her life, if not for the intervention of otherworldly forces. 

She meets someone in those seconds of time between life and death that her wounded heart embraces.

After waking from a coma with memory loss, Marena has a long road to recovery left. Looking for a change of scenery, she becomes a caretaker for a friend's home when the original house sitter failed to appear. When the arrival of David Martin--the person originally hired to care for the house -- Marena's life takes on a new aspect of healing and adventure. Just who is the dark handsome stranger?