Haven's Heaven

ABOUT Katie Grant

Katie Grant
I have written and illustrated my first children's book, Haven's Heaven, as well as the Haven and Friends Coloring and Activity book. Check out my blog, Little Bit of Faith, Little Bit of Funny



Haven's Heaven is a wonderful little children's book that is easy to read and opens the wonderful discussion about Heaven. Are their animals in Heaven, Pillows, and more.... This book allows a child to use their own imagination. The book ends with a prayer. 

This book contains all the adorable questions my children asked after two children they knew passed away. The question are uplifting and positive despite the magnitude of the situation, and i realized all children have the same wonderment of Heaven.

"...a wonderful little book that all parents should have in their child’s library... Many children today have questions as they learn more and more about God and Heaven. Especially if they have lost a friend to illness or an accident, and through this little book, it can help plant the seed of faith...beautiful illustrations throughout... I think my favorite was right at the beginning of the book when according to Haven, “Prayers fly to Heaven on kites." A child’s mind has some wonderful thoughts. Geared to the ages 3-9." 

    Lynn F., Readers Favorites