Jericho Road

General Fiction, Romance

By Icy Snow Blackstone

Publisher : Lyrical Press

ABOUT Icy Snow Blackstone

Icy Snow Blackstone
Icy Snow Blackstone was born in1802, in northern Georgia where her father, the Reverend John Blackstone, an English emigre, was prominent in local politics.  She married a minister, raised at least seven children, one of whom also became a minister, and lived there all her life.  There a More...


Color-blind love exposes the sins of flesh and violence.

Past and present embattle Vietnam veteran Wade Conyers' life. The scars of war and his past relationship with an African-American soldier threaten his marriage to a Southern socialite.

Wade's views of racial equality have already caused a rift with his father. What will happen when his sister's affair with a half-Native American unravels the camouflage disguising secret lives, adultery and ultimately murder?

Jericho Road is a beautifully written depiction of life back in the 1970’s, which featured the war in Vietnam and the war for minorities. Ms. Blackstone shows us what life was like for those who fought so hard to overcome the trials of being unique in a time when it was frowned upon to have a different color of skin. Lindsey is shown as a southern belle with a steel backbone, standing up for what is right, even when it could ultimately hurt her loved ones. Wade is the wounded soldier who is trying to bring life back into his marriage bed, while the flashbacks of death and violence seem to control him. This story has an overall storyline that is very similar to a Shakespearian tragedy, and you will find yourself whole-heartedly involved with the tribulations the Conyers family has and with a shocking ending that will just blow your mind!

Caution: This tale contains scenes of interracial love, nothing erotic it but may not be suitable for every reader.

Never having read Ms. Blackstone's work, I eagerly began Jericho Road. I quickly became engrossed in the 70's and all that family relationships were and were not in those days. Having lived in that era, I can truthfully say that she nailed it. As the reader meanders through the various lines that are drawn between the characters, one cannot help but feel forced to turn page after page in order to find out if and when the webs of lies are going to unravel. The plots are delicious in that there are more than one but following them is effortless. The myriad misunderstandings and mischaracterizations run rife throughout the book and only add to the stunning ending that no one expects. I recommend this book to anyone who understands family discord and blind love.

I enjoyed all the interweaving stories in the same way that I would have enjoyed a run of Dallas.