Bad Choices

ABOUT Fran Lewis

fran lewis
 am the author of three children's books. The first two are on Barnes and Noble and as well as on Booksamillion and other on line sites. My Name is Bertha is the first book and Bertha Speaks Out is the second. I have submiited my third book Bertha Fights Back for publication More...



The faces behind these stones are all of teens who have made BAD CHOICES IN LIFE. Now, in death they will tell you their stories, you can hear their voices from beyond the grave as your narrator and driver takes you through many final resting places until you hear the final voice behind the large marble granite stone

Teens have it really hard today. I should know I am one and I never thought I would survive just being 13 but I did. Life changes when you enter your teens. The friends you had in elementary school either move or decide they don’t need you anymore. Others try and influence you to do things their way and that is where my problems started. I’m an A student or at least I was until I decided to forget who I was and become someone I wasn’t. My best friend Iris was still doing well in school and we used to hang out together after school to do homework. But, her mother was strict, just like mine and wanted her to devote all of her time to studying alone; cultivating other friendships and that left me, Benita behind. So, I decided if Iris and her group did not want to hang with me anymore I would find others that would. But, first let me explain. I am now the voice behind the first stone and the driver will take you around the cemetery and help you to understand what happened to each of the eight teens that are now the FACES BEHIND THE STONES and I will be the ninth one when this book is done. Author Fran Lewis will allow you, the reader to hear through me, the voices of these troubled teens, the pressures they endured and the reasons why they are no longer here.