Factoring Wisdom: A Preview to Buying Receivables

Business, Money & Investing

By Jeff Callender

Publisher : Dash Point Publishing, Inc.

ABOUT Jeff Callender

Jeff Callender
Jeff has written numerous business books and ebooks on a specialized method of financing called factoring. He has also written a book of historical nonfiction based on the love letters from his father to his mother during World War II.


This book gathers, sorts, and presents over a hundred factoring topics. Grouped alphabetically by subject, this volume provides a thumbnail sketch of the information, experiences, and "words to the wise" that are generously peppered throughout Jeff's books and ebooks. They are condensed here for an easily grasped summary of factoring and its many finer points. Because this book includes quotes from all books in The Small Factor Series as well as many other titles, it makes both an excellent introduction and summary to these works. Thus you will benefit from reading this book prior to - and after - reading the works cited here.

If you're intrigued with this subject and curious as to just what factoring is all about, this digest is a good way to begin learning about it. Settle into your easy chair with this collection of thoughts, comments, and observations from a seasoned factor and entertaining author, and you'll be surprised how much you'll learn in a very short time.

The Small Factor Series of 5 books is based on two decades I've spent working in the factoring world. I wrote the books to help those entering the industry get it right the first time. Factoring Wisdom is the perfect introduction to the series and the subject of factoring: concise quotes from over a dozen books and ebooks make for fast reading. These nuggets give the essence of each topic in just a sentence or two. I wrote this book as a simple introduction to factoring, and so readers could see what's to come in the following books. They'll quickly learn what being a factor involves by spending just an hour with this book.