Mortality Quest Book 1 The Awakening


By A Tassinari

Publisher : Eloquent Books

Mortality Quest Book 1 The Awakening

ABOUT A Tassinari

A Tassinari
I am a writer and opera singer creating a trilogy loosely based on Greek Myths and my own artistic background and environment. My first book Mortality Quest Book 1 The Awakening was just released by Eloquent Books back in April of this year. 


Michele Montegue is the handsome son of King Palious and the goddess Athena.

Michele has a destiny: he must forever protect the ancient family of the Travatis,

but this destiny comes with a price. He is cursed with immortality. Destined to

live for eternity, Michele’s existence is a lonely one, never giving into to the wiles

of a woman -- for what could he offer her? He struggles with his fate, his heritage

and his duty, but he longs for an enduring love.

Isabella Travati is beautiful and voluptuous, a passionate woman with the voice of an angel.

Isabella, an opera singer, is the last of the Travati woman and she, like no other woman, has Michele cursing his fate with a vengeance. But Isabella has her own secrets and cross to bear -- a troubled past that has kept her from finding true love.

When the two begin a tumultuous love affair, a battle begins over their destinies, and each mustmake a choice.

Will Michele hold fast to his path? Can Isabella forget her own troubled past to rescue her lover from his lonely place of solitude? Will their love destroy or rescue them?

Tassinari’s tale is set against the lush backdrop of the Italian countryside. Her masterful storytelling and lyrical prose sweeps the reader into a beautiful world of fantasy where love is put to the ultimate test. Its dramatic conclusion leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the sequels to come.