Killer Email

General Fiction

By Andrew Atkinson

Publisher : Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie

ABOUT Andrew Atkinson

Andrew Atkinson
I have been a Technical Author for many years and had several non-fiction books published. Last year I had my first novel published, Killer Email, which has received some very pleasing reviews. I have now completed the manuscript for the second book in the series (Killer Freemason) and hav More...



This is the opening book in the series of nine which introduces the main character of Senior Investigator Tony Caxton. He works for the Security Department which is a part of the Foreign Office. Early in the story he learns about the death of a colleague and fishing buddy who has died in America whilst taking an unauthorized vacation. Tony is detailed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death which leads him on a hunt for a vicious killer.

Tony is assisted by Sue Lyle who has been promoted to help him solve the case. As they work together, more deaths are uncovered and eventually linked to the owner of a high-tech company in New Jersey who is set on stealing vast sums of money via the internet.

Before too long Tony uncovers the fact that all of the victims are linked via email and the race is on to stop the killer before he executes his latest hostage. With the aid of Police and Security Services in the UK and overseas, the net is slowly closing.

Killer Email is an intricate and fast-paced tale which switches from one country to another and always leaves the reader guessing what might come next.

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