African Heritage, American Experience

ABOUT Akili Amina

akili amina
Akili Amina, is a poet/writer who has maintained ayear long blog featuring her poems and journaling her thoughts. Eight of Akili's poems have been published in five literary magazines. Four of her poems have been published in two anthologies. One of the anthologies is on the inauguration o More...


This book was written as a poetic memoir or poems on the story of Akili's life. This book was written to also tell the story of the African American experience, as a whole. Telling of our history, poetically.
By Elizabeth A. Chapin-Pinotti (Sacramento, CA United States) - See all my reviews
African Heritage, American Experience, by poet Akili Amina, is a lyrical journey through the tragedy and triumphs that personify one of the noblest sojourns of the human race. Her words are bold and bawdy and soft and sensuous and tell the history of "...a trio of degrees", a passage of time and the limitation and wisdom of truth. Her words flow through the pages and capture snapshots of an entire culture and the wider world in which it exists. Amina's poetry depicts the urgency of a culture to make its own way and fit in at the same time - something that all Americans' desire. 

Humble and proud, Amina puts the world in which we, as American's exist in, in perspective. She captures moments that we all have experienced no matter what our heritage and moments that are uniquely African American. This is a book that should be read again and again. It is heartfelt and positive...without being trite or tired. It is poetry that is modern and filled with history. Amina's words are the wings of freedom upon which the America Dream was born. 

African Heritage, American Experience is reminiscent of the early works of the great Maya Angelou - and that is no small feet. This woman is a true talent.