Harry's War

ABOUT Ed Benjamin

Ed Benjamin
Fiction writer, Consultant, Proposal Writer for Industry, Retired Air Force officer.  Author of a best selling book on how to get government business and the spine tingling novella, "Harry's War."



Harry Miles, ace F-15C Eagle fighter pilot finds himself in the air battle of the century when he is attacked by eight Iranian Su-27 flanker fighters near the Iraq border.  After the battle, Harry must fight another battle to overcome the hopelessness he faced as a youth.  this may be the war he can not win?

After the Gulf War in 1990 -1991, my son spent a tour flying Combat Air Patrol in his F-156C Eagle to enforce the "no-fly" zones over Iraq. to the best of my knowledge, he did not encountered any air-to-air combat during his tour over Iraq; but the Iraqis did fire a few Surface to Air Missiles at him. In December of 2011, I recalled his service and begin wondering what would happen if an F-15 Eagle were flying Combat Air Patrol along the border between Iraq and Iran and was jumped by some Iranian fighters and during the ensuing dogfight, he suffered a mysterious illness. Such is the curiosity and imagination of writers. The only similarity between my protagonist, Harry Miles, and my son is the fact that they are ace fighter pilots in the United States Air Force. Ed