Pitch Dark


By Brooke London

Publisher : Cerridwen Press / Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.

ABOUT Brooke London

Brooke London
Brooke London was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and grew up in the hamlet of Sherwood Park, a suburb of Edmonton. She finished high school and then went on to university to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Ten days after her last exam at university, she took off for a th More...


Alyssa must protect her grandfather’s cutting-edge, environmentally friendly oil sands extraction technology—and his life. Forced into dealing with her grandfather’s chosen partner, Connor, a wildcard business mogul and ex-CIA spy, she knows she can’t trust him. 

Connor resents that Alyssa has the final say on his multimillion dollar partnership. When someone tries to kill them both, they are thrust together and their mutual attraction sparks hot enough to heat the sheets to searing intensity, despite their mutual distrust.

Together they race between his headquarters in Colorado and the oil sands of Alberta to stay one step ahead of the terrorists who are determined to stop them at any cost. It will take their combined cunning and courage to survive the explosive and treacherous covert world of espionage, betrayal, terrorists and spies. But even if they do, can they survive the secrets they are keeping from each other?

Madame Butterfly gave Pitch Dark an 'A' grade saying "Pitch Dark is one of the best romantic suspense novels I’ve read in a while. There’s a nice easy flow to Brooke London’s writing style and from this book, she has an ability to write well rounded, complex characters while keeping them from coming across as stereotypical and stale. Her ability to slowly build up on the plot and keep the tension going at just the right pace is just as fine. I’ll definitely be looking out for more of her books." and Pitch Dark is "her first book...and I must say, it’s really impressive for a first book.Pitch Dark is fast-paced thriller, which I couldn’t put down."