In the Presence of Karma

General Fiction, Romance

By Yvonne Kristine

Publisher : Infinity Publishing

ABOUT Yvonne Kristine

Yvonne Kristine
I'm an author. A ghostwriter. A music manager. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A lover of books and all things in print.



He loves me. He loves me not. Do the petals lie? When a web of deceit causes Karma Patryce Belmont to lose her boyfriend of a year-in-a-half, she moves on hoping that love will prevail. In the midst of her hopes, her best friend becomes engaged to her long term beau, which makes Karma’s need to be loved deeper. When her last relationship causes her to lose her job, she is devoted to holding someone accountable. Unknowingly, Karma begins to weave her own web of deceit that may end with the same fatal consequences.

Entertaining and sensual, the book weaves lies with trust, revenge with love, and twist and turns that keeps the reader guessing.


I think mostly everyone experiences their first heart break. This book was started because I was dealing with a broken heart. The book continued because even I myself wanted to know what would happen next while I was still trying to figure out what would happen next in my own life.