The Ashes, 1945-2005

ABOUT The Author And Historian Ron Gattway

The author and historian Ron Gattway
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The Ashes, 1945-2005, A Complete Record [£9.99] by Tony Wagtar

The book is a statistical history of the Ashes conflicts from the 1946 tour
to Australia through to the 2005 series, though there is also a page
dedicated to the 2006-7 whitewash, as well as pages on non-Ashes test
matches; and the County Championship and Sheffield Shield winners from
The book ends with a fascinating piece on the importance or otherwise
of winning the toss in Ashes test matches.
However the bulk of the book concerns itself with the 160+ test
matches and merely records all the scorecards. No such volume contains
all Ashes scorecards in chronological order in such an accessible way.
Whilst the fielders change ends between overs and during other momentary
pauses in play, this reference book is ideal for leafing through. Although it
is 90% facts and figures, there are brief comments which accompany each
test match. Interesting facts include the following:
Don Bradman’s last-ever innings in test cricket in 1948
Graham Gooch’s baptism of fire in 1975
The test in 1989 when Australia batted all day without conceding a wicket
The peculiar batting partnership of Botham and Tavare at Old Trafford in
The test in 1981 when Australia slid from 56-1 to 75-8
The ‘sixties test when debutant Tom Cartwright had to bowl 77 overs
The finely balanced test in 1975 that was ended by a vandalised pitch
The ‘fifties test when Australia were reduced to 32 for 7
The Melbourne nailbiters of 1974 and 1982
The Edgbaston and Old Trafford nailbiters of 2005