Four sides to squares


By Phillip Overton

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT Phillip Overton

Phillip Overton
Phillip Overton is the author of three novels, Last Wish of Summer, A Walk Before Sunrise and The Long Way Home. A writer with the ability to create extraordinary tales from the ashes of ordinary circumstance, his works have been compared to Nicholas Sparks and William P Young, author of t More...



Four sides to squares is a contemporary collection of 24 poems that openly explore a sense of change, time and purpose, providing an honest reflection through verse of growing up, growing old and growing wiser along the way. Full of hidden philosophical gems of wisdom packaged in an, at times, brutally amusing honesty, it delights in being proud of our acceptance of place and purpose in society.

Phillip Overton has been writing poetry for more than two decades, during which time his poetry has won an award and seen him published in a national poetry magazine in Australia.