The Sperling Chronicles: DreamsThrown Away

Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Dilsa Saunders Bailey

Publisher : Good Show Publications, LLC

ABOUT Dilsa Saunders Bailey

Dilsa Saunders Bailey
Dilsa Saunders Bailey netted a nomination by the Georgia Writers Association for Georgia Author of the Year-First Novel Category in 2010 for Dreams Thrown Away, a romantic suspense novel. Split Images, the second novel in The Sperling Chronicles series was released in December 2011. She is More...



Loved to Death

What would you do if the man you love wants to love you to death?  Beautiful, naïve and young Kali has already overcome one of the worst tragedies in anyone’s life, her parents’ deaths.  When she meets the man of her dreams, she is hopeful that her haunted past has been put to rest and only happiness lies before her.  Little does she know, his obsessive ideas of the ideal family may mirror deadly secrets hidden by his own powerful, tumultuous family.


This dark and sensual suspense novel is the first book in the series entitled The Sperling Chronicles. The Sperling Chronicles: Split Images, the second novel in the series, is a roller coaster ridefollow-up to this fast paced drama. 

Rated *****5 stars

Dreams Blown In Your Face (The Sperling Chronicles:  Dreams Thrown Away)


Kalina Denise Harris has dreams of meeting a wealthy man who will sweep her off her feet. This seems to be the fantasy-fairytale dream for most single young women. In the opening chapter, "word is our bond" was a valuable lesson taught between father and daughter's morning talk. Sometimes, we are willing to throw our own dreams and happiness away to please someone else to make them happy. The once happy, perfect home clashes before Kalina's eyes, and discovers her only friend, Mandy, married and pregnant.  She was hoping her only friend would also go to college too. Later, she has nowhere but to her aunt's house in Philadelphia. This situation didn't last very long. No longer a country girl with a drawl, has to learn the streets and runs into people who knew her mother and aunt's small world. Her nave upbringing surely changes after two years of being under the household of Jordan living with his six grandsons by his son, Billy.


This debut novel is a splendid read, beautifully written and delicately told with such horrid incidents flash on the pages once an adulterous affair goes berserk leaving the seventeen-year-old Kalina in a hopeless state. Dreams shattered in a tickling of an eye. Moreover, this story had twists and turns and tragic events I was not looking to bump into. The author also wrote a story that wasn't predictable and hoped for a meaningful ending. I hope this author writes more entertaining and edgy stories because she has a fan!


Lesson: Be careful what you do to others, for you will reap what you sow.


Reviewed by Adrienna Turner
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August 20, 2011



Rated *****5 stars

What a Debut! (The Sperling Chronicles:  Dreams Thrown Away)

Dreams Thrown is the story of Kalina Harris. She is getting ready to head off to college when her father, who is a preacher, murders her mother and then commits suicide. Kalina has no other family in town so she is sent to live with an aunt in Philadelphia. Kalina's life takes another unfortunate turn and she is forced to live on the streets alone.

While trying to survive, Kalina meets one of the Banks' men who takes her home and cleans her up. The patriarch of the family, 74-year-old Jordan, takes Kalina into his home with the intention of transforming her from a young girl into a sophisticated woman. Jordan develops feelings for Kalina, but she only has eyes for one of his married grandsons. Kalina believes she is living the good life, until her dream world turns into a nightmare.

Bailey has truly written a unique story with full-developed characters. Even though I have never been in the same situation as Kalina, I could identity with the feelings of love, pain, deceit, and the journey to get to happy.
Dreams Thrown Away is a definite page turner and worthy of the 5 stars.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Reviewed by: T. M. Craig

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August 9, 2011


Rated *****5 stars

A Stunning Debut! (The Sperling Chronicles:  Dreams Thrown Away)

DREAMS THROWN AWAY by Dilsa Saunders Bailey tells the tale of Kali, a young woman forced to grow up too soon. Kali loses her world and what is familiar to her and is forced into an unfamiliar jungle of a world and asked to adapt overnight. The world Kali imagined would be hers one day crashes and breaks into a million pieces and she is left trying to piece together a new life, in a new city with virtual strangers. With each turn of the page, the reader takes the journey with Kali as she fights to clear the hurdles in her path and mold the life she is now forced to call her own.

DREAMS THROWN AWAY is a coming of age story. The great character development allows the reader a glimpse into the lives of the players that bring the deceit, love, lust, heartache and damage into the live of Kali. The colorful hosts of characters intricately weave together the fairytale gone wrong. Kali is a believable character that you will root for from the beginning.

This is an extraordinary work for her first time out of the gates.
Dilsa Saunders Bailey breathes life into the characters on the pages and makes them jump from the pages with your ability to identify with their struggles, grief, pain and journey to discover how to truly love. A definite page turner that will have you wanting more. 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sharon Russ
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July 8, 2011





Rated ***** 5 stars


Only Time Will Tell (The Sperling Chronicles:  Dreams Thrown Away)


Kalina is the apple of her father's eye. Her relationship with her mother is a little rocky. Kalina longs to leave her small town and start college. Her wish, to leave, comes true quicker than planned and horrifically. On the heels of her parents' murder-suicide, Kalina is sent to live with an aunt in Philadelphia. Shortly after arriving in Philadelphia, Kalina finds herself homeless. A kind stranger who offers her a job takes her in. Kalina can't believe her luck; a job and she can still go to college. Little does she know all her job entails...

Dreams Thrown Away" by Dilsa Saunders Bailey was an excellent story. Following Kalina through her life's journey will have the reader not wanting to put the book down.

Reviewed by: Alicia

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June 26, 2011



Rated ***** 5 stars


AAMBC Review (The Sperling Chronicles:  Dreams Thrown Away)


I was impressed with this book. The story is about a teenaged girl whose life is devastated by the murder -suicide of her parents by her father. Kalina is forced to grow up quickly after she leaves South Carolina to move to Philadelphia, PA. She has been sent to live with her Aunt Mazetta. Little did Kalina know that this would be the beginning of her being under the control of other people who don't always have her best interest at heart. After her aunts boyfriend tried to sexually assault her, Kalina got away and ran away and never looked back. Thus begins her life of pursuing her dreams which came with a steep price. Kalina's life is no longer her own and she seems to become complacent with this. That is until a life altering event forces her to choose between life and death. The reader will be caught up in Kalina's story til the end. There are some unexpected twists and turns but the storyline is never lost. I didn't want to put this book down once I started it. I believe strongly that anyone reading it will feel the same.