Who Got Liz Gardner

General Fiction

By Elizabeth Allen

Publisher : You Write On

ABOUT Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen
I was born and raised in Tampa Florida. I have worked in nutrition and natural food marketing, as well as recipe development for Whole Foods and Health Valley Foods.  In 1992 I got married. In 1995 I had a child and in 1999 I freaked out from earthquakes in California and moved back to Fl More...



When Liz, a married financial advisor and mother of one, logs on to her high school website in an attempt to generate business leads, she inadvertently lands in a chat room made up of her male classmates (and former lovers) from 30 years before.  There she witnesses a testosterone-laden discussion and a much unexpected question, “Does anyone know who got Liz Gardner?”  The sheer irony that she would be a topic of this world wide circle jerk on her one and only visit catapults her into a graphic and relentless exploration of her life’s journey—with all the erotic, tragic, and hilarious affairs, lessons, and detours that inevitably led to the one “who got her.” emotional barriers from her childhood and find love.  Did she make the same desperate mistakes as her mother, or worse?  Was she destined to become her mother?

Her journey takes her from Florida to New York to California with a spicy layover in Denver. She grows and evolves from dealings with divorced parents, abortion, love triangles, infidelity, confused intentions, homeless junkies, aliens, vegetarians, stalkers, past life lesbians, ghosts and angels.  Oh, and men. Definitely men.


Who Got Liz Gardner is a complete meal with flavors, textures and ingredients reminiscent of Bridget Jones Diary, Sex and the City combinedwith a dash of Fear of Flying . Readers who enjoy feasts of this caliber will want to indulge in this extraordinary repast and encourage others to take a taste! This is a dish best served raw.


“I was blown away with this piece of work. I'm not normally interested in this type of genre and usually shy away from anything remotely erotic but boy am I glad I read this one. You had me bouncing from sad to hysterical, especially when it came to the part where Liz loses her virginity. I will never be able to look at a jar of Hellman’s in the same way again! The pace was superb.  You have a wit second to none. Would love to read more of your work.”  Joanne in Canada

“Pacy, well written and compulsive. I’m not a fan of chick lit, but this grabbed me. Eat your heart out Helen Fielding. The concept of the novel is convincing – the query on the internet leads in to this picaresque novel about a female’s lustful history. The characters are convincing even though they fly through her life. I like the cynicism and the self awareness. Well done.” Marilyn in the UK

Enthralled, entranced, excited!  I couldn’t stop turning pages!”  Rebecca in South Africa

This book is sexy, thought provoking, intriguing and too hot to lay it aside and forget it. It grabbed me as have other well known authors such as Grisham and Wambaugh.  Bravo for you.  Bill in Indiana