Writings of a Wretch

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By Marko Vignjević

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Marko Vignjević

Marko Vignjević
Marko was born in Belgrade, Serbia and grew up in the suburb of Senjak where he attended Branko Parac grammar school.When his family moved to Moscow he continued his education at a Moscow grammar school, together with studying piano at the music school and attending  More...



In the bustling Kalenich Market in Belgrade we find a young man wandering amongst many, yet he is a man who walks alone in isolation.   Lost and confused, lacking in self-worth and confidence, he takes us into his psyche as he tries to justify his worthless existence.

Daringly centred around the workings of one man’s inner mind, it is amazing how this can so grip and enthral, keeping the reader turning page after page as the most private and profound soul searchings of our protagonist are revealed in his attempt to find answers.
A thought-provoking, haunting, and at times deeply moving story written somewhat in the style of an old English literary classic, and of huge appeal to those interested in psychology and philosophy.

This is an extremely creative and unusual book.   We follow the meandering thoughts and imaginings of a market trader in Belgrade.  He poses many deeply philosophical questions on life – his life and others, and life in general, as he strives to be a man of his time and attempts to conjure up a unique moment in his life.


I was delighted to see and have the chance to read such an amazingly different book.  I cannot praise the author too highly for daring to write a book that is so far removed from the usual genres.


This book is certainly not for everyone, as it is entirely different from other fiction or non-fiction writing.   It will be interesting to those who think philosophically, who ask and try to answer questions regarding justice and life, and who are interested in psychology.  I found this work to be amazing

by Mary Mansell – Oxford  UK



I was enthralled by this book.  One could almost say mesmerised from beginning to end.   The subject matter was deeply engrossing and thought-provoking, and the writing a pure delight.    It is rare to find in modern literature a piece of work that flows along as smoothly and beautifully as this, inciting one to taste and savour every line.


To concentrate a whole book around the workings of the inner mind of  but one man, is a huge risk to take, but this author succeeded in producing a superbly written, thought-provoking, and cleverly executed piece of writing beyond anything I have come across since the likes of Hardy and Dostoyevsky.   For me this book was an absolute joy to read.


by Julia Cadwell -  Birmingham UK