My Sun...Your Shadow


By Suzannah Safi

Publisher : Rights reverted to author due to MMP closing

ABOUT Suzannah Safi

Suzannah Safi
I live in New York and am a member of the Romance Writers Community. I have a degree in English Literature and have been writing romance novels for the past 7 years. My Passion for travel and people’s experiences in life are the base of my creativity.
I'm also a designer. At Book Tr More...



Cat Mckibben wakes up one night to find herself chained to a bed at the will of a mysterious dark stranger. Yet his allure is more than she can handle as he entices her to follow him down a path of self-revelation and self-indulgence.
When given to her fantasies, Cat finds the stranger more powerful than she imagined-and his identity is revealed as Dracula. Set out to take for himself a queen, Dracula informs Cat that her secret heritage makes her the predestined queen.
Cat faces a decision-to stay with Dracula and enjoy a vampire's life teeming with sensual bliss, or the alternative fate that awaits her when she wakes up once again in her former nightmarish reality …
Readers Opinions:

Cathie Morton: "What I got from reading this absorbing peek into MY SUN, YOUR SHADOW! I could feel right through the heroine Cat as she awakens and discovers her being captive. Goosebumps ran through me just as Cat sensed it through her mind and soul. At times I was feeling the chill and wind as the heroine does. The descriptive of hero from the shadows brought more and more his features out as the story moves. The sensuality is raw and breathtaking. As this excerpt intensified and ended, I knew that I wouldn't be satisfied til I too knew the whole story. Definitely one I shall be reading."

Becky Ward: "I read the excerpt for My Sun Your Shadow. Wow, what a great excerpt. It really pulls you into that particular scene. It makes me want to read more and find out what happens with Cat. It makes you wonder if he will be able to make Cat his or not.
I am someone who likes to be able to feel what the characters feel when I read a story. Reading the excerpt for 'My Sun Your Shadow' pulled me into what Cat was feeling at that moment."

Val Pearson: "I thought the story started as very mysterious and intriguing and only got hotter from there. That was Chapter 1? I can't wait to read the rest of the story if it is that hot already."